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Men Boots: Essential Styles for 2017 and Beyond

Boots have been a staple of men’s fashion since the beginning of modern life. The popularity of men boots arose out of the dual desire for style and foot protection. Over the years, a huge variety of styles have hit the market to provide today’s man with a boot for any purpose. If you are a modern man looking to update your wardrobe with a fashionable boot, keep reading. We’ll review some of the classic favorites in men boots and new trends for 2017.

The Traditional Cowboy Boot

In the U.S., there is no boot more famous than the cowboy boot. Western style boots have been popular since the old west days. In modern times, they can be used as functional work footwear, or as a trendy casual boot. You don’t have to be a gritty cowboy to don western men boots. These boots come in a variety of colors, styles and heights. You are sure to find a pair for your needs. Try a new pair of cowboy boots and feel the confidence and rugged comfort that has made these boots so popular for so long.

Sleek, Stylish Dress Boots

Dress boots have a consistent presence in the modern workplace. They use their rugged, outdoor quality to meet the demands of the contemporary concrete jungle. Strapping up a pair of dress boots before you go to work makes you feel like you are preparing for battle. Yet, today’s styles still appear to be sleek and classy enough for the most upscale affairs.

Dress men boots are usually found in a variety of leathers and colors. They fit neatly under dress pants with their mid to full-height uppers. Unlike work or western boots, dress boots can be easily shined or cleaned to maintain a neat appearance. They also fare well in winter weather to keep feet dry and warm. Styles range from oxford tips to the timeless wing-tip. The best part is that when you use boots you don’t have to worry about matching your dress socks!

The Old Work Boot

Boots were originally designed with work in mind. In fact, they still suit this purpose well. Over the years many boot companies have worked hard to make work boots more supportive, and more comfortable for long days on the job. Many brands include comfy gel inserts or memory foam insoles to relieve stress on the feet.

When it comes to these men boots, functionality is key. You’ll find a lot of tougher materials used for the uppers. You’ll also find features such as steel-toes to provide maximum protection at certain sites. Some models are water proof or water resistant to provide safety in wet conditions. Non-slip outer soles are also common. Many work boots even have reflective material for increased visibility in low-light conditions. Regardless of the job you need to do, there is a work boot for you.

Men Boots Style for 2017

This year is the time for suede men boots. Fashion experts are singing the praises of suede boots in 2017. The reason behind this is that suede uppers are both attractive and durable. Nubby style suede in light colors looks great with jeans or a pair of chinos.

You’ll find that suede men boots are the perfect fit for most seasons of the year. In some cases they can even be paired with a set of cotton shorts for a hip, bohemian look. Suede boots provide the the versatility and durability that is missing from many other types of footwear.

A Final Word on Boots

Regardless of the style of boot you choose you can be sure of one thing: boots are not going out of style soon. Men’s boots will continue as the backbone of the male wardrobe for years to come. If you are a tennis shoes or loafers type of guy look into the benefits offered by boots. You may decide to change your style altogether once you get your first pair!

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